Who we are

CAALE was founded by young Cuban-American professionals working to create better opportunities for students in our communities. We believe in the power of education, strive to accelerate the professional and personal growth of the next generation’s leaders, and are wildly passionate about our Cuban roots. This is the genesis of the Cuban American Alliance for Leadership & Education. Short hand, we are CAALE, pronounced as the Spanish word “Calle,” meaning “street” or “road.”


CAALE’s mission is centered on supporting education within our community, in all of its forms. This mission takes root in three pillars, through which we fund our own merit-based college scholarship, administer a leadership development program, and facilitate cultural education.


Through the implementation of our three-tiered mission, we aim to create a platform that produces a legacy of educating students, guiding them into successful professions, and enabling them to become valuable leaders in our community.  In seeking to preserve and cultivate stronger cultural identities among our next generation of leaders, we ask our scholarship recipients to minor in Spanish and attend cultural events.

Meet Our Team

Adam San Miguel

Executive Director

Diana Gonzalez

Director of Strategy & Operations

Guillermo C. Artiles

General Counsel

Stephanie Macias-Arlington

Board Member Emeritus

Javier Cubria

Director of Marketing

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